Rug Doctor Anti Foam 500ml

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Rug Doctor Pro Anti-Foam when used with Pro Upholstery Cleaner prevents harmful foam build up in the machine’s recovery tank.

Rug Doctor Pro Anti-Foam’s special action assures optimal vacuum pressure for water extraction, leaving carpet and upholstery drier after cleaning.

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Always use Rug Doctor Pro Anti-Foam when cleaning with Upholstery Cleaner.
Excess suds and foaming may be produced when cleaning upholstery, or if there is any residual non Rug Doctor Pro detergents in your carpet or upholstery from previous cleaning. Excess suds and foaming can build up in the recovery tank and can damage the vacuum motor inside the machine.

1. Shake Well before starting the Rug Doctor Pro
2. Add 50ml of Rug Doctor Pro Anti foam to white recovery tank not the blue base tank.
3. Add fresh Rug Doctor Pro Anti foam after each time the
recovery tank is emptied.

IMPORTANT: Keep from freezing.
DO NOT apply directly to carpet or upholstery.
DO NOT add to cleaning solutions.

If upholstery has previously been cleaned with a shampooer or spray foam, spray the Rug Doctor Pro Anti Foam directly into the hand tool before the cleaning process begins.


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