Q-Eco Grease Tabs X 10

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The Q-Eco GreaseTab is a powerful degreaser formulated to clean and degrease washable surfaces. Q-Eco GreaseTab contains strong grease cutting components.

Suitable for catering establishments. Rinse free formula.

When diluted, Q-Eco GreaseTab is classified as non-hazardous. When undiluted, the powder is wrapped in a water-soluble film to protect the user from coming into contact with the powder.

Store the Tabs in a dry area and keep them inside the packet until you need them.

Only handle Tabs with dry hands. If any Tabs are damaged, only handle them wearing PPE and always avoid the powder making contact with your eyes or skin.

A pack of 10 tabs make 10 x 750ml of Heavy Duty Degreaser

Please read and follow the Safety Data Sheets provided.


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