Orange Squirt Cleaner Degreaser 5L

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A powerful ready to use yet dilutable multi-purpose orange based cleaner-degreaser.

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Orange Squirt is formulated as a trigger-spray cleaner for all tough tasks including spot-cleaning on carpets and all types of hard surfaces. As a spray-and wipe cleaner, neutral pH, Orange Squirt safely out performs most products and is amazingly versatile.

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  1. Vivienne Loesch

    What are the ingredients of this product? Is it fragrance-free (other than the orange)? Is it eco-friendly? Why do so few cleaning product companies give easily available ingredients lists? I am allergic to perfumes, but less allergic to citrus in products. I want eco-friendly products for cleaning, with sufficient anionic or whatever surfactants to kill envelope viruses.

    • Stefany Singo

      Hello Viviene,
      Thank you for your question,
      this product contains: (R) p Metha 1,8, D-limonene, may produce an allergic reaction.

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