BioXspray Fogging Machine

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BioXspray Fogging Machine x 1


  • Easy push-button operation
  • Portable
  • Eco-friendly biocide
  • Variable application rate
  • Effective treatment
  • Airborne (non-contact disinfection)
  • Flexibility in biocide options

A breathing mask and protective gloves should be used when using this machine.


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Technical Data:

6.3 kg Weight
1,100 Watts 220 V AC 50-60 Hz electric motor
Adjustable nozzle rotation speed
Assurance of homogeneous fogging distribution through 360? rotation drum
Dry or wet mist projection by Venturi effect over radius of up to 15 meters
Velocity of mist flow rate: 80 m/s
Droplet size: 1  30 microns:
o < 10 microns for dry disinfection @ 0 > 2 ml/m
o 10 -30 microns for wet disinfection @ > 2 ml/m
Up to 4 ml biocide application rate.
Inter-changeable re-fillable biocide bottle: 1 litre.
Programmable indoor volume between 0 – 1,000 m
CE Marked




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